Located 170 meters above sea level, the town is located in a quaint valley between the western slopes of the Monti Aurunci (pitch of San Donato), just 8km from the coast. The town's name probably derives from the Latin iter (way, way), perhaps because, thanks to the Romans in 312 BC they built the Via Appia, the site acquired great importance as a strategic place. Itri was part of the Duchy of Gaeta and then passed under the Dell'Aquila, Lords of Fondi and then to the Caetani. In 1771 there was born Michele Pezza, better known as Fra'Devil, which was first banned and then colonel ' s army of Ferdinand IV of Bourbon, in the fight against's occupation of the French who took him and hanged him in Naples in 1806 .

Cosa Visitare:

  • The Castle
  • Fort of St. Andrea and the remains of Via Appia Antica
  • Church of Santa Maria Maggiore
  • Sanctuary of Madonna della Civita
  • Natural Park of Monti Aurunci

Main Events:

  • March 19: Fires of St. Joseph;
  • June: Corpus Domini: Infiorata Itrana;
  • July 20, 21 and 22 luglio: Solemn celebrations in honor of the Madonna della Civita (Patroness of Itri and of the Archdiocese of Gaeta);
  • August: Feast of the wild boar (company wildlife and hunting Fra'Diavolo);


Mentioned in the circuit of the'most beautiful villages in Italy', Sperlonga boasts the recognition of the European Blue Flag for over a decade in a row, for full compliance with the environmental requirements of clean water and sustainable land management.
The beauty of the beaches are accompanied by the elegance of its streets, full of history and poetry, ideal for a romantic walk on summer nights.
We recommend a visit to the Archaeological Museum of Sperlonga to enjoy all the charm of a timeless beauty.


Going up Itri, on top of the hill, there is Campodimele, the 'Land of Longevity', eating well and living healthy.
Mentioned in the circuit of 'most beautiful villages in Italy' Campodimele is renowned for its food products, including Cicerchia Campodimele PDO and scallions.
To visit the Monastery of Sant'Onofrio, built in the eleventh century and restored after the war.


A few km from Itri is Fondi, immersed in the Natural Park of Monti Aurunci and Ausoni, draws its origins from mythology retaining traces of all time. It is not only an ancient city but also prosperous town with its beaches and its rich economy focused mainly on trade, are proof of the productive "Sunday market" and "progress" with its narrow streets where you can enjoy a stroll multitude of business activities.


City beloved by Cicero, Formia is the perfect combination of natural beauty, historical and artistic tradition and fun.
Easily accessible and within walking distance from Itri, is the ideal place for shopping, as well as a convenient starting point for a visit to the Pontine Islands of Ponza and Ventotene.


Very close to Itri, Gaeta is the city of sea and sun, but also of the taste!
The typical cuisine is very close to the Neapolitan flavors and ingredients and the famous "Fish Market" is certainly one of the events not to be missed.
Gaeta is Nature, Kitchen but also history. There are many monuments to visit to enjoy the artistic and architectural treasures that have made the history of the area.